All Crypto Casinos & Gambling Sites for 2024 (Worldwide and U.S. Players)

This is a collection of all crypto casinos and gambling sites for March, 2024. These online casinos allow worldwide and U.S. players to play casino games using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, and others. So, if you’re in search of the best casinos for each digital currency out there, get started here.

Casinos by Cryptocurrency

Discover all the best crypto casinos that accept Bitcoin (BTC) deposits and withdrawals.

23 casinos listed

Browse all the best crypto casinos that accept Ethereum (ETH) deposits and withdrawals.

21 casinos listed

Find all crypto casinos that are currently accepting Tether (USDT) deposits and withdrawals.

0 casinos listed

Discover all the top crypto casinos that accept Litecoin (LTC) deposits and withdrawals.

0 casinos listed

Browse the top crypto casino sites that accept Dogecoin (DOGE) transactions.

0 casinos listed

Find all the best crypto casinos that accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a gaming currency.

0 casinos listed

Browse the top crypto casino sites that accept Ripple (XRP) deposits and withdrawals.

0 casinos listed

Discover all the best crypto casinos that accept EOS digital currency for transactions.

0 casinos listed

Browse all the top crypto casino sites that accept Tron (TRX) deposits and withdrawals.

0 casinos listed

Here you can find all the best crypto casino sits that accept Binance Coin (BNB) payments.

0 casinos listed

Take a look at the best crypto casino sites that accept USD Coin (USDC) deposits and withdrawals.

0 casinos listed

Discover all the top crypto casino sites that accept Apecoin (APE) transactions.

0 casinos listed

Find all the best-rated crypto casino sites that are currently accepting Binance USD (BUSD).

0 casinos listed

Start browsing the top crypto gambling sites that accept Cronos (CRO) digital currency.

0 casinos listed

Here you can find all the best crypto casinos that accept DAI deposits and withdrawals.

0 casinos listed

This is the library for all the best crypto casinos that accept Chainlink (LINK) transactions.

3 casinos listed

Browse the top crypto casino sites that accept Sandbox (SAND) transactions.

2 casinos listed

Discover all the top crypto casino sites that accept Shiba Inu (SHIB) payments.

3 casinos listed

Find all the top crypto casino sites that currently accept Uniswap (UNI) payments.

2 casinos listed

Browse all the best cryptocurrency casino sites that accept Polygon (MATIC) payments.

3 casinos listed

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What Are Crypto Casinos?

Crypto casinos are online gambling sites that accept digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and others to play online casino games, poker, bingo, and sports betting. Online gambling with cryptocurrency offers a more private way to gamble compared to traditional online casinos. Many of the crypto casino sites offer a path to buy cryptocurrencies using FIAT-currencies, play, deposit, and withdraw winnings in your preferred digital coin.

Advantages of Crypto Casinos

In the dynamic landscape of online gambling, the integration of cryptocurrencies introduces a paradigm shift in security and privacy. Let’s delve into how crypto casinos leverage blockchain technology to provide users with enhanced security measures and ensure a heightened level of privacy.

1. Decentralization and Security

One of the fundamental pillars of blockchain technology is decentralization. Unlike traditional online casinos that rely on centralized servers, crypto casinos operate on decentralized networks of nodes. This decentralized nature enhances security by eliminating a single point of failure, making it significantly more challenging for malicious actors to compromise the system.

2. Provably Fair Gaming

Blockchain technology introduces the concept of provably fair gaming, a revolutionary approach to ensuring the fairness of online casino games. Through cryptographic algorithms and smart contracts, players can independently verify the fairness of each game, assuring them that the outcome is not manipulated by the casino. This transparency builds trust between players and the platform.

3. Anonymity and Privacy Options

Cryptocurrencies inherently offer a higher level of anonymity compared to traditional payment methods. When users engage in transactions using cryptocurrencies, they can do so pseudonymously, without revealing personal information. This anonymity extends to the registration process in crypto casinos, where players can participate without disclosing extensive personal details.

4. Secure Transactions with Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain’s cryptographic protocols play a pivotal role in securing financial transactions within crypto casinos. The use of public and private keys ensures that each transaction is uniquely encrypted, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities such as payment tampering or unauthorized access. Additionally, the immutability of blockchain records prevents retroactive alterations to transaction history.

5. Smart Contracts for Payouts and Agreements

Smart contracts, self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code, automate various processes in crypto casinos. This includes instant payouts based on game outcomes and transparent handling of agreements between players and the platform. Smart contracts enhance efficiency, reduce the potential for disputes, and contribute to an overall more trustworthy gaming environment.

Popular Cryptocurrencies in Crypto Casinos

As crypto casinos continue to gain popularity, players are presented with a diverse range of cryptocurrencies for their gaming transactions. Each cryptocurrency comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. In this section, we’ll explore some of the most widely accepted cryptocurrencies in crypto casinos, providing insights into what sets them apart.

  • Pioneer Status: Bitcoin is the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, offering widespread recognition.

  • Liquidity: Bitcoin’s popularity ensures high liquidity in crypto casinos.

  • Anonymity: Transactions can be relatively pseudonymous, providing a level of privacy.

  • Transaction Speed: Bitcoin transactions might face delays during peak times due to network congestion.

  • Scalability: Scalability challenges have led to slower transaction processing and higher fees.

  • Smart Contracts: Ethereum’s smart contract functionality enables innovative and automated gaming processes.

  • Transaction Speed: Faster confirmation times compared to Bitcoin.

  • Wide Acceptance: Ethereum is widely accepted in the crypto casino space.

  • Scalability Issues: Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum faces scalability challenges.

  • Fluctuating Gas Fees: Gas fees can vary, affecting the cost of transactions.

  • Low Transaction Fees: BNB transactions typically have lower fees.

  • Binance Ecosystem: Integration with the broader Binance ecosystem provides additional utility.

  • Fast Transactions: BNB transactions are often faster compared to some other cryptocurrencies.

  • Centralized Nature: BNB’s association with the Binance exchange may raise concerns about centralization.

  • Fast Transactions: Known for its swift transaction confirmation times.

  • Low Transaction Costs: Ripple transactions usually come with low fees.

  • Scalability: Ripple’s design aims for scalability in financial transactions.

  • Centralization Concerns: Some criticize Ripple for being more centralized compared to other cryptocurrencies.

  • Less Decentralized Security Model: The security model is less decentralized compared to proof-of-work coins.

  • Faster Block Generation: Litecoin offers faster block generation times than Bitcoin.

  • Segregated Witness (SegWit): Implemented to improve transaction speed and reduce fees.

  • Wide Acceptance: Litecoin is accepted on many crypto casino websites.
  • Similar to Bitcoin: Faces similar scalability challenges and might experience delays.

Choosing the Right Cryptocurrency for Your Gaming Needs

The choice of cryptocurrency in a crypto casino depends on various factors, including personal preferences, transaction speed requirements, and considerations of fees. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each cryptocurrency empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring an optimal gaming experience in the burgeoning world of crypto casinos.

How to Get Started with Crypto Gambling

Entering the world of crypto gambling involves a few key steps, from setting up a cryptocurrency wallet to making transactions in crypto casinos. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through the process seamlessly.

By following these steps, you can confidently set up your crypto gambling account. Remember to choose a reliable casino, secure your wallet, and enjoy the innovative and secure world of online gambling with cryptocurrencies.

1. Choose a Reputable Crypto Casino

Start by selecting a reputable crypto casino that aligns with your preferences and offers a secure gaming environment. Look for sites that have positive reviews, proper licensing, and a variety of games.

2. Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet

2.1 Choose the Right Wallet:

Select a cryptocurrency wallet that suits your needs. Wallet options include hardware wallets for enhanced security, software wallets for ease of use, and mobile wallets for on-the-go access. Ensure that the chosen wallet supports the cryptocurrencies accepted by the casino.

2.2 Set Up Your Wallet:

Follow the wallet provider’s instructions to create an account. This typically involves generating a wallet address and securing your private keys. Take note of your recovery phrase or seed words for added security.

3. Acquire Cryptocurrency

3.1 Purchase Cryptocurrency:

Acquire the cryptocurrency you intend to use for gambling. This can be done through cryptocurrency exchanges or at the crypto casino website, where you can buy popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or others. Follow the exchange process for buying and transferring funds to your wallet.

3.2 Transfer to Your Wallet:

Transfer the purchased cryptocurrency from the exchange to your newly created wallet. This involves entering your wallet address during the withdrawal process on the exchange platform.

4. Deposit Funds into the Crypto Casino

4.1 Navigate to the Deposit Section:

Log in to your chosen crypto casino and navigate to the deposit or cashier section. Select the cryptocurrency you wish to deposit.

4.2 Copy Deposit Address:

Copy the deposit address provided by the casino. This address is where you will send your funds from your wallet.

4.3 Send Funds from Your Wallet:

Paste the casino’s deposit address in your wallet’s send funds section. Enter the desired amount and confirm the transaction. The deposited funds should reflect in your casino account after a few confirmations on the blockchain.

5. Playing and Withdrawing Winnings

5.1 Explore Games:

Navigate the casino’s game lobby and explore the variety of games available. From slots to table games, crypto casinos offer a broad range of options.

5.2 Place Bets:

Place your bets using the deposited funds. Many crypto casinos allow you to wager in various cryptocurrencies.

5.3 Winning and Withdrawing:

If you’re fortunate enough to win, the withdrawal process is typically straightforward. Navigate to the withdrawal section, enter your wallet address, and confirm the withdrawal. Withdrawn funds will be sent to your wallet.

6. Secure Your Wallet and Casino Account

6.1 Regularly Update Your Wallet:

Keep your wallet software up to date to benefit from the latest security features and improvements.

6.2 Enable Two-Factor Authentication:

Many crypto casinos offer two-factor authentication for an added layer of security. Enable this feature to protect your account.

Crypto Casino Games

Crypto casinos offer a diverse and exciting array of games, blending traditional classics with innovative blockchain-based creations. From time-tested table games to cutting-edge provably fair experiences, here’s a spotlight on the popular games available in crypto casinos.

1. Table Games

1.1 Bitcoin Blackjack:

Experience the thrill of blackjack in crypto casinos, where traditional gameplay meets the security and anonymity of cryptocurrencies. Enjoy the classic strategy and test your skills against the dealer.

1.2 Ethereum Roulette:

Spin the wheel with Ethereum roulette, bringing the elegance of this timeless game to the crypto gambling arena. Cryptocurrencies enhance the speed and security of transactions, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

1.3 Litecoin Poker:

Engage in strategic battles in Litecoin poker rooms, where the familiar dynamics of poker combine with the efficiency of Litecoin transactions. Join tournaments or casual tables for an immersive gaming session.

2. Video Slots

2.1 Provably Fair Slots:

Step into the world of provably fair slots, where the outcome of each spin is verifiable on the blockchain. Enjoy a transparent and trustworthy gaming experience with a wide range of slot themes and styles.

3. Live Dealer Games

3.1 Bitcoin Live Roulette:

Combine the excitement of live dealer games with the efficiency of cryptocurrency transactions. Interact with real dealers and other players in a live Bitcoin roulette setting.

3.2 Ethereum Live Blackjack:

Immerse yourself in the live action of blackjack with Ethereum transactions. Experience the authenticity of a physical casino atmosphere while enjoying the benefits of blockchain technology.

3.3 Litecoin Live Baccarat:

Engage in real-time baccarat games with the speed and security of Litecoin transactions. Live dealer games in crypto casinos provide an immersive and social gaming experience.

Regulatory Landscape and Licensing

As the popularity of crypto casinos rises, understanding the regulatory aspects becomes paramount for players seeking a secure and trustworthy gaming experience. In this exploration, we’ll emphasize the importance of choosing licensed and reputable platforms, shedding light on the legal framework surrounding crypto casinos.

Licensed Crypto Casinos

Choosing a licensed crypto casino is fundamental for ensuring a fair and secure gaming environment. A valid license indicates that the casino has undergone scrutiny by regulatory authorities, assuring players of its legitimacy. Before engaging with a crypto casino, players should verify the legitimacy of the platform by checking for valid licenses from reputable regulatory authorities. Transparent casinos readily provide this information on their websites.

Players engaging in crypto gambling should be aware of the tax implications in their jurisdiction. Some regions’ tax gambling winnings and compliance with tax regulations are essential for a legal and worry-free gaming experience.

What is the Best Crypto Casino?

According to an overall rating, the best crypto casinos are Stake, BitStarz, BitKingz, and Tsars. These crypto-gambling sites accept a wide range of different digital currencies and thousands of games to play with.

However, the best crypto gambling site for you depends on the currency you are using and the games you fancy the most. For example, if you prefer to use a digital currency that is not as popular as Bitcoin, you may have to settle for other options.

Overall, all of the top crypto casinos that you can find on our website have been checked out, and you can play at them confidently, knowing that they are all legitimate and legally operating businesses.

What Casinos Accept Cryptocurrency?

Many online casinos accept cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals. However, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies can vary widely, and it’s important to check the specific digital currency offered by each casino.

Here are some types of casinos and gambling sites that commonly accept cryptocurrencies:

Stake.com is an online crypto casino and sportsbook website that primarily focuses on cryptocurrency gambling. Stake allows users to play various casino games and bet on sports using a variety of cryptocurrencies. Stake operates as a cryptocurrency gambling platform, accepting popular digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

BitStarz.com is an online casino that was established in 2014. It is known for being one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency in the online gambling industry. BitStarz provides a platform for players to enjoy a variety of casino games, including slots, table games, live dealer games, and more. BitStarz accepts various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Dogecoin (DOGE), among others.

Bitkingz is an online casino that offers a variety of casino games, including slots, table games, live dealer games, and more. It is known for providing a platform where users can play using both traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Bitkingz supports both traditional fiat currencies (like USD, EUR, etc.) and various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and others. This allows players to choose their preferred currency for gaming.

Sportsbet.io is an online sportsbook and casino platform that primarily focuses on sports betting. It allows users to place bets on a wide range of sports events using both traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. One notable feature of Sportsbet.io is its acceptance of various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and others. This allows users to make deposits, place bets, and withdraw winnings using digital assets.

Tsars.com is an online casino and gaming platform. Tsars.com offers a variety of casino games, including slots, table games, live dealer games, and more. The platform is designed to provide an entertaining and secure online gaming experience. Tsars.com may accept traditional fiat currencies as well as various cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. This allows users to choose their preferred currency for gaming.

Are Crypto Casinos Legal?

The legality of crypto casino sites varies depending on the jurisdiction in which you reside. The regulatory status of cryptocurrency gambling is a complex and evolving matter that is subject to different interpretations in different regions.

Currently, crypto gambling operates within a legal uncertainty. These casinos function within a legal realm that lacks clear regulations, as many countries have not enacted laws specifically addressing the use of cryptocurrencies in gambling. Consequently, it is plausible to anticipate a continued increase in the popularity of cryptocurrency casinos in the coming years.

Are Crypto Casinos Legal in the US?

The legal status of crypto casinos in the United States is subject to complex and evolving regulations, and it can vary at the federal and state levels. At the federal level, the legality of online gambling, including crypto casinos, is influenced by laws such as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). UIGEA prohibits financial institutions from knowingly processing transactions related to unlawful online gambling, but it does not explicitly define the legality of online gambling itself.

The legal landscape for online gambling, including crypto gambling, varies by state. Some states have explicitly legalized and regulated online gambling, while others have stricter regulations or outright prohibitions.

States have the authority to determine their own gambling laws, and there is no uniform approach across the country. Some states, such as New Jersey and Delaware, have embraced online gambling, while others may have more restrictive policies.

The Future of Crypto Gambling

Speculating on the future of crypto gambling involves considering several trends and possibilities based on the current state of the industry and broader technological advancements.

As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream, there may be an increase in regulatory frameworks specific to crypto gambling. Governments and regulatory bodies may develop clearer guidelines and licensing processes, providing a more structured and secure environment for both operators and players.

With the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in various industries, including finance and technology, more online casinos may adopt a broader range of cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum. This could lead to increased diversity in transaction options for players.

The rise of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) may lead to their integration into the crypto gambling space. CBDCs could provide a government-backed digital alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies, potentially influencing the landscape of online gambling.

As more countries regulate and accept crypto gambling, the global market for these platforms could expand. This could lead to increased competition, innovation, and a wider variety of games and services.

FAQ’s About Crypto Casinos


The legitimacy of crypto casinos varies, and not all crypto casinos operate with the same level of trustworthiness. While there are legitimate and reputable crypto casinos, there are also some that may engage in unethical practices. Here are factors to consider when determining the legitimacy of a crypto casino:

  1. Licensing and Regulation:
    • Legitimate online casinos, including crypto casinos, often hold licenses from reputable gaming authorities. Check if the casino is licensed and regulated by a recognized jurisdiction, as this ensures that it operates within certain standards and complies with regulatory requirements.
  2. User Reviews and Reputation:
    • Read user reviews and testimonials to get an idea of the experiences other players have had with the casino. A well-established casino with a positive reputation is more likely to be trustworthy.
  3. Security Measures:
    • Look for information on the security measures the casino employs to protect user data and funds. Legitimate casinos use encryption technology to secure transactions and implement fair gaming practices.
  4. Fairness and Transparency:
    • Legitimate crypto casinos often use provably fair technology for their games. This ensures that game outcomes are random and can be independently verified, promoting transparency and fairness.
  5. Payment Options:
    • Check the available payment options. Legitimate crypto casinos typically support a variety of cryptocurrencies and may also offer traditional payment methods. Be cautious if the casino has a limited or unclear payment system.
  6. Customer Support:
    • Legitimate casinos provide reliable customer support to assist users with inquiries or issues. Ensure that the casino has responsive customer support channels, such as live chat or email.
  7. Terms and Conditions:
    • Carefully read the terms and conditions, especially those related to bonuses, withdrawals, and account verification. Legitimate casinos have clear and transparent terms, while potentially problematic ones may have confusing or hidden conditions.
  8. History and Longevity:
    • Established and long-standing crypto casinos with a history of fair operations are generally more trustworthy. Consider the casino’s history and how long it has been in operation.

It’s important to note that the crypto casino industry, like any other online industry, can have both reputable and untrustworthy actors. Players should exercise due diligence, conduct thorough research, and choose casinos with a solid reputation. Additionally, the legal status of online gambling, including crypto gambling, varies by jurisdiction, and players should be aware of and comply with their local laws.


Here are a few examples of crypto casinos that have been known to accept U.S. players:

  1. BetOnline:
    • BetOnline is a well-established online casino and sportsbook that accepts both cryptocurrencies and traditional payment methods. It has been known to accept U.S. players.
  2. Wild Casino:
    • Wild Casino is another online casino that accepts U.S. players and provides a range of gaming options, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. It also supports cryptocurrency transactions.
  3. Ignition Casino:
    • Ignition Casino is an online casino that accepts players from the United States. It offers a variety of games, including slots, table games, and poker.
  4. Slots.lv:
    • Slots.lv is a casino that accepts U.S. players and provides a selection of slot games, table games, and more. It supports both traditional and cryptocurrency payment methods.
  5. BitStarz:
    • BitStarz is a crypto casino that has been known to accept players from the United States. It offers a wide range of games and supports various cryptocurrencies.

Yes, some crypto casinos do offer no deposit bonuses as part of their promotional offerings. A no deposit bonus is a type of bonus that allows players to receive a certain amount of bonus funds or free spins without having to make an initial deposit. This type of bonus is often used by casinos as an incentive to attract new players or encourage existing players to try out new games.

When it comes to crypto casinos, no deposit bonuses may be provided in the form of:

  1. Free Cryptocurrency:
    • Some crypto casinos offer a small amount of cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum) as a no deposit bonus. This allows players to use the funds to play eligible games on the platform.
  2. Free Spins:
    • No deposit bonuses may also come in the form of free spins, especially for slot games. Players receive a certain number of free spins, and any winnings from these spins are credited as bonus funds.
  3. Bonus Credits:
    • Instead of specific cryptocurrencies, some crypto casinos provide bonus credits directly to the player’s account, allowing them to use the funds on various games.

Several crypto casinos claim to have minimal or no Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, offering users a more private and anonymous gambling experience. Keep in mind that the status and features of these casinos may change over time, and it’s crucial to verify the current situation on their respective websites. Here are a few examples of crypto casinos that were known for having minimal KYC requirements:

  1. 1xBit:
    • 1xBit is a crypto casino and sportsbook that accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It is known for its extensive selection of casino games and sports betting options. The platform typically does not require extensive KYC verification.
  2. FortuneJack:
    • FortuneJack is a popular crypto casino that offers a variety of casino games, live dealer games, and sports betting. It has been known for its relatively lenient KYC procedures, allowing users to maintain a higher level of privacy.
  3. BetOnline.ag:
    • While primarily known as a traditional online casino and sportsbook, BetOnline.ag accepts cryptocurrencies and has been recognized for its more relaxed KYC process compared to some traditional platforms.
  4. Stake.com:
    • Stake.com is a crypto casino and sports betting platform that often emphasizes a user-friendly and anonymous gaming experience. The platform may have minimal KYC requirements.
  5. CryptoGames:
    • CryptoGames is a casino that exclusively deals with cryptocurrencies. It offers a variety of classic casino games, and it typically requires minimal personal information for registration.
  6. Roobet:
    • Roobet is an online casino that accepts cryptocurrencies and is known for its simple registration process without extensive KYC. It offers various games, including slots and live games.

It’s important to note that the status and features of these platforms may change, and new casinos with varying degrees of KYC requirements may emerge. Additionally, the regulatory landscape surrounding crypto casinos and KYC practices may evolve over time. Before engaging with any crypto casino, it’s recommended to check the specific KYC policies, read user reviews, and ensure compliance with local regulations.

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