The Best Pay N Play Casinos 2023 (Malta Gaming Authority)

This is a complete list of the best and new Pay N Play Casinos in December, 2023, licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

On this page, you’ll find currently the highest-rated Pay N Play casinos as well as a huge amount of additional information about the online casinos that accept Pay N Play payments via Trustly, Zimpler, and Brite.

So, if you’re interested in playing at MGA licensed Pay N Play casino sites, this is without a doubt your number one destination. Now, without further ado, let’s get down to our list of the best MGA Pay N Play Casinos.


List of MGA Pay N Play Casinos

Crazy Fox9.052020$/€1000
N1 Casino9.052017$/€4000
King Billy8.882017$/€500
Barz Casino8.002021$/€1500
Jackie Jackpot7.442018$/€200
Mr. Play7.252017$/€200
Gioo Casino7.202021$/€2000
Malina Casino6.752016$/€500
Mount Gold6.102021$/€0
Race Casino5.852019$/€100
Premier Live5.502018$/€0

What is a Pay N Play Casino

In short: Pay N Play” is a term that refers to a streamlined and simplified process for players to register, deposit funds, play games, and withdraw winnings from online casinos without the need for a traditional manual account creation process.

The concept of Pay N Play was popularized by a fintech company Trustly in 2015, which developed a technology that allows casino customers to make payments directly from their bank accounts (wire transfer) to the online casino, eliminating the need for manually creating user accounts and going through time-consuming registration procedures like filling personal details.

As of 2023, other payment providers like Zimpler and Brite have a similar concept available in many casinos.

Here’s how it works;

  • Select a casino that supports Pay N Play gaming.

  • Click the ‘Deposit’ or ‘Pay N Play’ button on the website.

  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Select your online bank provider from the given list.
  • Enter your online banking details.

  • Confirm your transaction to the online casino.
  • Now, you can instantly start playing your favorite games.

The History of Pay N Play Casinos

In short: The journey of Pay N Play casino sites were established back in 2015 when Trustly created a pathway to players to make instant bank payments. Here are the most important dates and years of pay and play casinos.

2015: The first online casino that accepted Pay N Play was established and operated by the PAF. The casino gained a fast popularity among players from northern Europe.

2017: After successfully operated in handful casinos, Pay N Play gained more popularity, especially in Malta casinos and over 30 new operators added the payment option.

2019: After four years of operating, the Pay N Play function was available in more than one hundred online casino brands in multiple jurisdictions.

2020: After the Covid-19 hit the world and online gambling reached its peak due to restrictions, many operators expanded their payment option and included the Pay N Play to their repertoire.

2021: By the end of the year of 2021, other payment providers, namely Zimpler and Brite, had created a similar option to make instant deposits and withdrawals.

2023: By the end of 2023, more than 130 online casinos will support Pay N Play gaming in several different countries and jurisdictions like Malta, Estonia, and Curacao.

2024-: For the time being, there is no end in sight for Pay N Play casinos, even though the laws of different countries are constantly changing. We predict growth instead.

Benefits of Pay N Play Gaming

In short: The absolute advantages of Pay N Play casinos are instant money transfers and instant account verification. The concept is constantly being developed and new market areas will be available after the release of Pay N Play 2.0.

No registration: You save time and speed up the start of gaming when you don’t have to fill out registration forms. Instead, you can immediately start depositing and playing.

Free transfers: Trustly, Zimpler, or Brite never charge anything when you deposit or withdraw funds. So, no transaction fees ever again when choosing Pay and Play.

Instant withdrawals: Pay and Play casinos pay your winnings immediately to your bank account, as long as you remember to use the same bank account for transfers.

Instant verification: Your player account is immediately verified when you use your bank to deposit funds to the casino. The bank verifies your identity and forwards the confirmation to the casino. No documents are needed.

High security: Whether the payment intermediary is Trustly, Zimpler, or Brite, you can trust that they, together with your own bank, create extremely secure money transfers.

Trusted operators: Many of the Pay N Play casinos on this page can also be found from our highest-rated MGA licensed casinos listing, which means that these operators are highly trusted and regarded as one of the best out there.

Bonuses: Pay N Play casinos also offer new customers deposit bonuses and free spins. Enjoy the benefits.

2023‘s Pay N Play Casino Collection

Can’t bear to go through every casino and find the one you like best? Here’s our expert breakdown for the best Pay and Play casinos of the year:

🏆 Top casino: Kakadu Casino🆕 Best newcomer: Betnflix
💰 Best bonus: N1 Casino🚨 Most free spins: 21.com
🎲 Most games: Nitro Casino🏈 Best for betting: BetsAmigo
💸 Biggest cashback: Crazy Fox🍯 No deposit spins: Zinkra

Restrictions of Pay N Play

In short: Unfortunately, the Pay N Play feature is not available for players worldwide. For legal and regulatory reasons we cannot list every country and region where Pay N Play gaming is available, but in general, we can say that if you can make deposits to the casino using Trustly, Zimpler, or Brite, the Pay N Play feature may be available to you.

Despite this, we are pleased to have noticed that new areas have become available for Pay N Play, as other payment providers, like Interac and their sister brand FastPlay, have also developed their own versions of the feature. The latest region where Pay N Play casino gaming has started to raise its head is Brazil and Latin America.

The availability of Pay and Play casino sites is also affected by modeling. You can read more about this in the next section. The casino’s license also has a big impact on the availability of Pay N Play gaming. Basically, all the Pay N Play casino sites are licensed in either Malta, Estonia, Sweden, or Curacao. Here, at MGAdb.com, we only list casinos licensed in Malta.

Pay N Play Modelling Explained

In short: Casinos that support Pay N Play typically offer two types of models; Pure and Hybrid.

The main difference between the two models is that the pure Pay N Play model offers only gaming and players do not have the option to manually register a game account, while the hybrid Pay N Play model sits alongside traditional gaming, offering the opportunity to register an account manually and play casino games even if Pay N Play is not available to the player.

Here is the comparison of the two models;

FeaturePure ModelHybrid Model
Pay N Play is available for eligible customers
Players can manually register a gaming account
Instant banking option for money transfers
Other payment methods available for transactions
Username and password are automatically generated
Players can ‘Resume’ gaming without login
Withdrawals are processed instantly and sent to a bankUnder $/€2000

Pure Pay N Play Model Explained

In short: The Pure Pay N Play model aims to simplify the online casino registration and account creation process, offering a more seamless and convenient experience for players. Here’s how it generally works:

  • Instant access to games: In a Pure Pay N Play casino, players can access games immediately without the need to create a traditional user account. This is in contrast to the typical online casino registration process with manual account creation.
  • Integration with BankID: The Pure Pay N Play model relies on the integration of BankID, which is an electronic identification system. BankID allows users to verify their identity quickly and securely using their online banking credentials.
  • Verification and KYC: As part of the process, the player’s identity is verified through the BankID system. This helps casinos fulfill regulatory requirements for customer identification and anti-money laundering (AML) purposes.
  • Deposits and withdrawals: Players can make deposits and withdrawals directly from and to their bank accounts. Trustly, Zimpler, or Brite as the facilitator of the Pure Pay N Play model, acts as an intermediary that securely processes transactions.
  • Security and data protection: The use of BankID for identification adds an extra layer of security, and sensitive personal information is not shared directly with the casino. This can enhance the overall security and privacy of the player.
  • No account creation: One of the key features of the Pure Pay N Play model is that players do not need to create a separate casino account. Their identity is verified through the BankID, and their banking details are used for transactions.
  • Fast withdrawals: Withdrawals are typically faster in Pure Pay N Play casinos because the player’s identity has already been verified during the initial deposit. Players can expect to get their winnings in a matter of minutes.

Hybrid Pay N Play Model Explained

In short: While the Pure Pay N Play model allows players to access games without creating traditional user accounts, the Hybrid Pay N Play model incorporates additional features, often providing players with more flexibility and choices.

  • Account creation options: In a Hybrid Pay N Play casino, players have the option to either use the instant-play feature without creating an account (similar to Pure Pay N Play) or choose a more traditional approach by creating a user account.
  • Quick access with BankID: Similar to Pure Pay N Play, the Hybrid model leverages the BankID system for quick and secure player identification. Players can use their existing online banking credentials to verify their identity.

  • Flexible payment methods: The Hybrid model typically offers flexibility in terms of deposits and withdrawals. Players can still make quick deposits and withdrawals using BankID but other payment methods are available as well.
  • Deposits and withdrawals: Players can make deposits and withdrawals directly from and to their bank accounts. Trustly, Zimpler, or Brite as the facilitator of the Pure Pay N Play model, acts as an intermediary that securely processes transactions.
  • Player preferences: The Hybrid model recognizes that different players have different preferences. Some may value the simplicity and speed of Pure Pay N Play, while others may prefer the more widely available options of other payment methods.

Games at Pay N Play Casinos

Pay N Play casinos offer exactly the same casino games that you find in traditional online casinos. The only different is that you can access these games faster. Here are some examples of game categories:

slot machines

Video slots







sic bo

Sic Bo








Pai Gow



And lots of more from top providers.

Pay N Play Casino Bonuses

In short: As you can see from our comprehensive list of Pay N Play casino sites, almost all casino sites offer bonuses to new customers. Typically, bonuses include deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback, and no-deposit spins.

We recommend trying these bonuses:

N1 Casino$/€4000$/€8000
Berry Casino$/€3000$/€6000

Wagering requirements: If you choose a deposit bonus to play, which we recommend, check the bonus wagering requirements. As a rule of thumb, a bonus with a wagering requirement of 25-45x is reasonable.

Maximum bet size: Check the casino’s bonus rules for the maximum single bet limit. Follow it. If you play with a higher bet than allowed, you may lose the right to withdraw your winnings even after completing the wagering.

Restricted games: Every casino has games that are either completely closed or restricted from playing with bonus money. Always check these games and avoid playing them.

Capped winnings: This applies to no deposit bonuses. There may be restrictions on the winning amount.

Other Payment Options

In short: In addition to direct bank transfers, Pay N Play casinos offer numerous other payment options in the hybrid version. You can deposit and withdraw your winnings on traditional payment methods such as credit cards, digital wallets, and prepaid cards. Read more below.

Credit cards: You can make money transfers using traditional cash and credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, and Maestro. Please note that with these payment methods, withdrawals can take 1-5 business days.

Digital wallets: E-wallets are, after direct bank transfers, the fastest payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. Please note, however, that some of the deposit bonuses are not available for payment methods such as Skrill.

Prepaid cards: Most casinos allow deposits with prepaid cards such as AstroPay, Paysafe Card, and Neosurf. However, please note that withdrawal of your potential winnings to these payment methods is not allowed.

Pay by phone: Only a few Pay N Play casino sites allow deposits to be made via call or SMS service. One of the most popular mobile payment services is SIRU.

Cryptocurrencies: Currently, we are not aware of a single Pay N Play casino that offers money transfers and gaming for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Despite this, in the future, new MGA licensed casinos may offer cryptocurrencies for gambling. As far as we know, the MGA is currently testing enabling cryptocurrencies.

The Verification Process (KYC)

The absolute trump card of Pay N Play casinos is the automatic verification of the player’s account. See below how it works:

#1 bank identification process

#1 Bank identification

The player chooses online banking as the payment method and logs into his own bank.

#2 Players id verification

#2 Identity verification

The bank recognizes the player and automatically sends the information to the casino.

#3 Account verified

#3 Account verified

The casino can confirm the player’s identity immediately with the details sent by the bank.

Players can now withdraw any winnings without sending additional documents.

Pay N Play Betting Sites

In short: A handful of casinos that you can find on this page also offer sports betting with the Pay N Play feature. You can register and use bank credentials to deposit funds into your game account and bet on various sports events.

If you are interested in sports betting without registration, go to the casino listing at the top of this page and see the sites where betting is possible. By clicking on the column title, you can manually organize the sites to show only those casinos that offer Pay N Play sports betting. Select a gambling site by clicking on its name and we will automatically redirect you to their website.

Why Select Us (Comparison)

In short: We offer a full-detailed and up-to-date list of the best Pay N Play online casinos licensed in Malta. We are constantly updating our casino list so you can always be updated about the new casinos. Here at MGAdb.com, we aim to be the most comprehensive and trusted source for MGA licensed casinos, and this includes Pay N Play sites as well.

So, how do we compare to other similar comparison sites? Let’s see:

Number of casinos listed8670828
Payments providers visible
Bonuses immediately visible
Publication year visible
Betting option listed
Ability to filter results
Casino reviews available

Pay N Play Licensing (Trustly)

In short: Pay N Play is a registered trademark by Trustly Group AB, and is an authorized payment institution under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. The payment solution is regulated and licensed by two strict gaming regulators, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), and the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA).

Trustly Group AB headquarters is situated at Radmansgatan 40, 113 57 Stockholm, Sweden.

Trustly Group AB location on google map

Customer Support (Options)

In short: Customer support at Pay N Play casinos, like any other online casinos, can vary from one casino to another. Pay N Play casinos are known for their user-friendly and streamlined registration and payment processes, but they also prioritize providing good customer support to their players. Here are some key points regarding customer support at Pay N Play casinos:

  • Live Chat: Many Pay N Play casinos offer a live chat feature that allows players to get in touch with customer support representatives in real time. This is often the quickest and most convenient way to get assistance with any issues or questions.

  • Email Support: Most Pay N Play casinos provide email support where you can send detailed inquiries or requests. Response times may vary, but this method is useful for non-urgent matters.

  • FAQ and Help Center: Pay N Play casinos typically have a comprehensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section or a Help Center on their website. This section can provide answers to common queries and guide players through various processes.

  • Phone Support: Some Pay N Play casinos may offer phone support, allowing players to speak directly with customer support representatives. Phone support can be especially useful for resolving complex issues.

  • Availability: Customer support at Pay N Play casinos is typically available 24/7 or during extended hours to ensure that players can get assistance whenever they need it.

  • Responsive Staff: The quality of customer support can vary, but reputable Pay N Play casinos strive to have responsive and knowledgeable staff who can assist with account-related questions, payment inquiries, technical issues, and more.

About Trustly and Trustly Azura

Trustly: Founded in 2008, Trustly is a global leader in online banking payments. Their digital account-to account platform redefines payment speed, simplicity, and security by linking some of the world’s most prominent merchants directly to consumers. What makes Trustly different is that they handle the whole payment journey, enabling them to offer an attractive, lower cost alternative to traditional card networks.

With more than 800 employees across Europe, North America, and Latin America, Trusty is a licensed Payment Institution under the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). they operate in Europe under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. In the US, they are state regulated as required to serve their target markets.

Azura: Trustly Azura was launched in May 2023. It is an engine that will drive a product suite designed to help merchants. It enables various products serving merchants to enrich every transaction with data. This will make the checkout process a whole lot more seamless and personalised, as users are instantly recognised. No matter what device they use.

Frequently Asked Questions


The currencies supported by Pay N Play casino sites can vary depending on the specific casino and the payment service providers they partner with. However, Pay N Play casino sites often offer a wide range of currencies to cater to players from different regions. Some of the common currencies that you may find supported include:

  1. Euro (EUR)
  2. US Dollar (USD)
  3. Swedish Krona (SEK)
  4. Norwegian Krone (NOK)
  5. Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  6. Australian Dollar (AUD)
  7. Danish Krone (DKK)
  8. Swiss Franc (CHF)
  9. Japanese Yen (JPY)

Although Pay N Play gambling sites offer instant money transfers and player account verification, due to regulatory reasons, operators have to further verify the player’s identity if the player’s net deposits or withdrawals exceed 2000 euros. You typically have to send a copy of your identity card and a bank statement. Processing of documents generally takes 1-5 days.


Although Pay N Play casino sites typically offer instant withdrawals, different operators may have conditions, such as withdrawal processing speed, that may delay withdrawals. In general, however, withdrawals do not take longer than one business day.


Currently, the highest-rated online casino that supports Pay N Play is Kakadu Casino with a rating of 9.28. From our top list, you can currently find over 80 different casinos with the Pay N Play option, preorder based on the casino rating.


Yes, Pay N Play is designed to work seamlessly on mobile devices, just like it does on desktop computers. The Pay N Play system itself is not limited to any particular platform and is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets.


Here at MGAdb.com, we have a comprehensive list of Pay N Play casino sites that are licensed in Malta. You don’t have to settle for playing under just one license, but you can also play at casinos that are licensed by the MGA, for example.


In our list of Pay N Play online casinos, you can filter results based on the year of establishment of each casino. This way you can find the newest casinos that support Pay N Play gambling. We are updating our list on a weekly basis, so keep coming back to discover the newest operators.


No, all casinos use Random Number Generators (RNG) that ensure it’s as fair as possible. The results are random every time, meaning that nothing in the game is rigged. To ensure fair play, only choose casino games from recommended Pay N Play casino sites. Playing at any of these will give you a fair chance of winning.

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